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Most older furnaces and boilers have drafting chimneys. The combustion gases exit the house through the chimney using only their buoyancy with the chimney’s height.

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Naturally drafting chimneys often have difficulties exhausting the combustion gases due to chimney blockage, wind or pressures inside the home that beat the buoyancy.

Many older chimney flues have deteriorated linings or no linings at all and must be relined during furnace or boiler replacement. Flue gas condensate, which normally includes sulfuric acid and nitric, can corrode mortar bricks, and mortar joints between tiles.

A chimney must be relined when any of the following changes to the combustion heating system:

— When you replace an older furnace or boiler. These mid-efficiency appliances have a better risk of depositing condensation droplets that are acidic in chimneys, and the chimneys have to be well prepared to handle this corrosive hazard. The brand new chimney liner should be sized to accommodate the new heat appliance and the combustion water heater.

Boiler Contractors | Flue Considerations When Replacing a Furnace or Boiler

When an older furnace is disconnected from a masonry chimney, it could leave behind a so-called “orphaned” water heater, attached into a flue that’s now around sized.

But in regards to sizing a flue, larger isn’t always better. Over sized flues can contribute to at least three problems: chimney corrosion, poor draft, and freeze/thaw damage to the chimney.

Properly functioning chimney systems will carry combustion byproducts out of the house. For boiler contractors, chimney difficulties set your customers at risk of having these byproducts, for example carbon monoxide, spill into their home.

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