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Carbon monoxide is a gas that is well known throughout the world. It is colorless and odorless, which makes it extremely dangerous. In today’s modern American home this is often caused by a chimney that has built up carbon gas. When your chimney is not working properly, the fuel does not burn correctly and carbon dioxide fumes are created.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “a poisonous gas that is formed when carbon is not completely burned…”. A medical dictionary goes on to say “…it is a highly poisonous gas that is produced by incomplete combustion and is often found in…blocked or poorly maintained chimney flues…”

Further research shows the Journal of American Medicine stating that 2,000 Americans die each year from accidental exposure to carbon monoxide while 10,000 people seek medical attention. The symptoms of this condition are extensive and include such things as headache, rapid heart rate, hallucinations, collapse, coma, convulsions and many other physical conditions. Carbon monoxide

Getting out into fresh air is imperative if a recovery from the poisoning is to be obtained. This stresses the danger that exists when people do not keep their chimney clear of a carbon build-up. Safety of the family should always come first.

A wood burning chimney can be suffering from carbon buildup, damaged from age, creosote clogs or debris in the chimney. These are things you will not ordinarily notice unless it starts smoking or you start getting sick.

Knowing the potential danger to our customers, we, at Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions, offer 30 years’ experience in the cleaning and inspection of chimneys.

Carbon Monoxide | Chimney Inspections

Having your chimney inspected on a regular basis will assure that you do not suffer the terrible effects of this kind of poisoning. Level One sends one of our CSIA certified technicians to examine all portions of the chimney and the fireplace. At Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions we offer this service at no charge in the interest of the safety of our customers.

Level Two involves a more intense examination to look for damaged joints, flue liners, and any other chimney problems. A video camera is used for this operation, which allows our customer to see any problems that exist. Level Three includes any necessary repairs and cleaning of creosote, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. A number of different tools are used on this level work.

Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any location. When the chimney is kept clean, and in good repair, it can provide years of relaxation and comfort for the occupants. Unfortunately, sometimes this is something that is neglected as it looks o.k. from the outside. It is important that you have your chimney inspected at least once a year to keep you and other occupants of the building safe and healthy.

As Certified Chimney Technicians, we are well known in the Denver Metro area and its surrounding communities. Whether you are a home or business we have the technology, tools and certified personnel, to keep your location free from the danger of this dangerous poisoning.

If you have a chimney that has not been inspected for a long time, give us a call today at (303) 946-9990 and talk to us about a free Level One examination. It is also possible to e-mail from our on-line site at

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