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Wood Stove Installation | Denver Metro

If you want a wood stove installation in Denver and have a masonry fireplace, it is possible to vent a free standing or wood burning insert model using your fireplace chimney. This is an economical and sensible way to make use of an existing chimney rather than having to install a standard stove chimney. At […]

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover My Chimney Repairs?

Will homeowners insurance cover your chimney repairs? Most of today’s factory manufactured homes and contractor constructed homes feature a beautiful fireplace in the living or family room. Sometimes, over time, these fireplaces can build up excessive creosote deposits, have structural damage or other problems that can cause a chimney fire. At Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions, […]

Chimney Masonry Repair | Denver Tuckpointing

Chimney masonry repair aka tuckpointing, is sometimes necessary to fix broken or damaged mortar and bricks that have been compromised by weather and other factors. There is nothing that is more beautiful in a home than a fireplace. It adds that extra touch of peace and relaxation that is so important at the end of […]

Chimney Liner Installation | Denver Metro

We are chimney liner installation professionals serving the Denver metro area. There is nothing more comforting, during the winter months, than a blazing fire in a fireplace. Sitting in the warm glow, or roasting marshmallows, brings a sense of peace and comfort. However, often one does not realize the necessity of making sure the fireplace […]

Certified Chimney Inspections | Denver Metro

Yearly certified chimney inspections in the Denver metro area by Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions. Everyone loves a fireplace in the winter. The fire crackling, while it is raining or snowing outside, brings a feeling of comfort throughout the room. However, many do not realize the importance of having this part of the heating system cleaned […]

Choosing a Chimney Liner

When it comes to choosing a chimney liner, the size, height and construction materials will make a big difference. They must be sized properly to vent the gases, and they also need to be the right material to handle temperature variances. Before you decide to buy a generic chimney liner at the home improvement store […]

Prevent Chimney Fires

Prevent chimney fires with proper precautions. Chimney fires are terrifying because they can flare up at any time and put your family in danger. The good news is that they’re completely preventable. The fires can burn extremely hot and create a good deal of noise in the process, including rumbling, cracking, or popping sounds. Here’s […]

Cracked Chimney Liner

Were you told you have a cracked chimney liner? This is a common occurrence in many homes throughout the Denver Metro and surrounding areas. Terracotta or cinder block liners can be damaged from a number of reasons, so a cracked chimney liner is often discovered by a home inspector or chimney professional. Settling of the home, […]

Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Maintenance Season It’s chimney maintenance season again! As fall is fast approaching it is natural to start thinking about cold days and the dreaded white stuff soon to bear down on the Denver Metro. With these thoughts come warm images as well. Those of baked goods and the family gathered around a warm fire while snow […]