Certified Chimney Inspections | Denver Metro

Yearly certified chimney inspections in the Denver metro area by Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions.

Everyone loves a fireplace in the winter. The fire crackling, while it is raining or snowing outside, brings a feeling of comfort throughout the room.

However, many do not realize the importance of having this part of the heating system cleaned on a yearly basis. Certified Chimney Inspections

Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions offers over 30 years of experience in the inspection and cleaning of chimneys for the Denver Metro area and surrounding communities.

Our CSIA Certified Technicians have all the required tools for a complete inspection and are prepared to come to your home or business, make a thorough chimney inspection.

Certified Chimney Inspections | Three Levels


• Determines condition of chimney interior

• May approve continued use of same appliance

• Technician will examine all portions of the appliance and chimney


• Required when system is changed

• If hidden hazards detected – Level three recommended

• Required for transfer or sale of property

• Special tools used for cleaning

• Examines basements, crawl spaces and attics

• Internal surfaces, flue liners and joints examined

• Video scanning and other means used for examination


• Addresses construction and hidden portions of the flue and chimney structure

• Removes any components necessary to gain access to certain areas

• May be required when serious conditions are suspected\

Certified Chimney Inspections | Hire The Professionals

It is recommended that the fireplace chimney be cleaned at least once a year. Our chimney inspector will tell you if you need to make chimney repairs or simply have it cleaned.

This is highly recommended if you are renting, or purchasing, a home that has been in previous use.

If our technician finds there is a creosote problem, we will come to your home or business and, using brushes, rods, chemicals, a vacuum and other tools, thoroughly clean the chimney.

Creosote, which builds up over time, can catch fire and cause structural damage. It can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which can seep slowly into a room, undetected, causing a severe illness.

We are proud of the record of our certified chimney inspections and technicians. We understand that your chimney is an important part of your overall heating system and, as such, needs to be properly maintained if you are to realize its entire benefit.

The danger of dirty chimneys is revealed by the following report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission/EPHA:

• Fireplace, Chimney, Chimney Connector Fires

2011 – 22,500 2012-21,200 2013-23,100

• Fireplace, Chimney, Chimney Connector Fire Deaths

2011-30 2012-20 2013-15

Most chimney fires are the result of improper care of wood-burning stove or fireplace chimneys. Having a once a year chimney inspection will eliminate the possibility of such a fire.

Reasons for chimney fires include:

• Creosote formed from wood gasses

• Using wet wood

• Chimney blockage or structural damage

Creosote is a tar-like substance that forms on the walls of a chimney and catches fire easily. As time goes on, it accumulates and presents extreme danger if not removed. Wet wood emits gases, which also form creosote.

Chimney blockage can be caused by a number of things, even bird’s nests, resulting in a restriction of the air flow. Being aware of these possibilities, and eliminating them, will result in a safe chimney.

We apply National fire Protection Association (NFPA 211) and the Uniform Building Code 9UBC) guidelines in all our chimney/fireplace inspections.

In a prefabricated metal system we inspect to make sure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Our aim is to make sure your chimney or fireplace meets all requirements to insure a safe operation.

No one wants to put their family or business in danger of a fire. We understand your concerns and are dedicated to providing you with the most thorough inspection, report and cleaning/repairs possible.

In addition to a written visual inspection, we also present a video or digital viewing to complement our comprehensive report.

To prevent a chimney fire, there are certain steps that will assure this does not happen to you.

These are:

• Yearly inspection by a Certified Chimney Inspector

• If cleaning is indicated have it done as soon as possible

• Use correct fuel, do not burn trash

• Back-up of smoke indicates a problem, stop burning immediately

Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace, an oil or gas furnace, creosote can accumulate and provide a real threat to you and your family.

Our certified chimney Inspections will not only check for creosote but also will inspect joints, crown, brick and cap. All damage is documented and will be clearly explained prior to our technician leaving the premises.

Our 30 years’ experience, in the business of certified chimney inspections, cleaning and repair, enables us to use the latest technology in cleaning and repair of Colorado chimneys.

We are proud of our many satisfied customers and are dedicated to saving lives by making sure that chimneys we examine are free of dangerous creosote, damage or other problems.

Give us a call at (303) 946-9990 and we will be happy to arrange a have certified chimney inspection of your system. This will help relieve you of any worries regarding a possible fire problem.

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