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Fast, affordable chimney cap repair in Denver. Are chimney caps important? If you have a fireplace or gas furnace, then you have a chimney that will need a little attention and care over the years.

While you may not give this feature of your home a second thought, you don’t want to completely neglect it.

You know how important it is to keep the chimney clean, but have you considered fitting it with a chimney cap to keep moisture out during storms, falling leaves and eliminate pest problems?

It’s a simple preventive technique that can save you some problems down the road. Here is what you should understand about getting your chimney cap installed.

Chimney Cap Repair | DenverChimney Cap Repair Denver

Animals are always looking for shelter, and the last thing you want is birds, squirrels or raccoons taking up residence in your chimney during warm weather.

They cannot always get back out again, and that can lead to problems with them finding their way into your home, or expiring inside the chimney.

The chimney cap is a hood with mesh screening around the sides that allows air to vent through while keeping debris and animals safely out.

Chimney cap repair is also effective for eliminating downdrafts, deflecting sparks that may rise up out of a wood-burning fireplace, and keeping water out of your fireplace when it rains.

Chimney Airflow Matters

The chimney cap that’s placed on your chimney must be the proper size and properly attached.

The cover should be large enough to shield the opening, and there should be enough open air space through the wire mesh for the chimney to properly vent.

We’re happy to check out the chimney and show you the different options that will work for your situation.

Cleaning is Important

Just as a chimney should be cleared of creosote on a yearly basis, the chimney cap will also have to be cleaned.

If you have a heavy storm, use binoculars to look at the cap from the ground and ensure that it’s not blocked with debris or leaves.

This will allow for plenty of airflow and help keep your property safe. It’s also possible for snow and ice to build up on the mesh, so you’ll want to check this in the winter, as well.

Chimney Cap Repair | An Affordable Option

Chimney cap repair is surprisingly affordable, and it provides a great value with substantial benefits.

Many people choose them simply to prevent birds from roosting on their damper, but they’re also effective for keeping larger pieces of burning ash from landing on your roof or landscape.

chimney cap reapir

Installation is reasonably straightforward, and we have competitive rates on the service.

We’re happy to inspect the chimney, choose the right cover size and install it for you so that you can stay safely on the ground.

When you let us install the cap for you, the warranty will remain intact and you can rest easy knowing that your chimney is protected.

We’re committed to customer satisfaction, and we hope that you’ll be pleased with our attention to detail.

While we’re installing the crown, we can also check the condition of your chimney and advise you if it needs cleaning or any repairs.

While spring is the ideal time to add chimney caps, the work can actually be done throughout the year.

Call us today to have our professionals take care of this important service for you.