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There is nothing more comforting, during the winter months, than a blazing fire in a fireplace. Sitting in the warm glow, or roasting marshmallows, brings a sense of peace and comfort.

However, often one does not realize the necessity of making sure the fireplace is safe and secure. Records reveal that many home fires start in the fireplace.

Let us, at Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions, make a free inspection of your fireplace to make sure it is durable and safe.

During the past 25 years homes have been built or renovated that are more airtight than older ones. Most people do not realize that air moving up the chimney is like water flowing through a hose. This is called a draft.

A draft is increased when the fire becomes hotter and pulls the smoke up the chimney. A poor draft results in excessive creosote deposits, structural damage and can cause a dangerous situation. chimney liner installation

This makes it extremely important to have periodic inspections made in order to assure the safety of your fireplace and your family.

Over time, unlined chimneys allow heat to build up and move through the fireplace interior and eventually catch adjacent walls on fire.

In addition to fire, there is the danger of carbon monoxide gas, which can be deadly.

This happens because flue gases, which are acidic, break down the mortar joints located inside the chimney. When these joints erode, gases leak into the adjoining living area. One way to prevent this problem is through chimney liner installation.

We Offer Chimney Liner Installation As Follows:

• Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are the most commonly used fireplace chimney liners. In addition to being inexpensive, they are easily obtained and have proved to work well with properly maintained fireplaces.

The disadvantage of clay tiles is that should a chimney fire occur they will crack and break apart. They are not recommended if your fireplace has a gas insert rather than burning wood.

• Metal Chimney Liners

Made of aluminum or stainless steel, this type of chimney liner is durable and safe. Although more expensive than clay tiles, It can be used with wood-burning or gas fireplace chimneys. As a rule, a high temperature insulation is applied between the liner and the chimney surface.

• Cast-in-place Chimney Liners

This type of chimney liner installation is lightweight and is made of a cement like product. It forms a smooth passageway for flue gasses and is especially effective in improving the reliability of older chimneys.

This type of liner can be used with any type of fuel. Because it is difficult to install, it is more expensive than other types of liners.

• Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Liners

Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Liners are used for commercial application. Used in areas such as hospitals, apartment buildings, hotels, power plants and other such locations, it has been found to be an excellent way to assure the safety of the occupants. This type of liner offers a lifetime warranty.

At Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions, we realize the importance of choosing a chimney liner installation that best suits your situation.

If a liner is too small, the chimney will not allow the space for air needed to maintain a good fire. If it is too large there will be cold drafts and creosote build-up problems.

If you have a liner and it becomes damaged or cracked it must be replaced. When its structural integrity is lost it can allow gases to enter your home and living area and cause a dangerous situation. This makes it especially important to have your fireplace periodically checked with or without a liner.

Our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® technician can come to your home and quickly make an inspection. He can also diagnose any odor or smoking problem with your chimney.

This will provide you peace of mind in knowing that you and/or your family is safe from a fire or dangerous gases that can happen when a fireplace is not properly cared for.

At Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions, we are concerned regarding the safety of fireplaces in homes in our community of Denver, Colorado.

We want to provide you with the highest quality inspection and suggestions regarding how your fireplace can safely continue to provide warmth and comfort.

Give us a call today at 303-946-9990 and one of our highly qualified personnel will be happy to discuss your situation and explain what we have to offer.

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