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Chimney Maintenance Season
It’s chimney maintenance season again! As fall is fast approaching it is natural to start thinking about cold days and the dreaded white stuff soon to bear down on the Denver Metro.

With these thoughts come warm images as well. Those of baked goods and the family gathered around a warm fire while snow falls outside. chimney maintenance

As a fireplace certainly adds comfort to our homes it can also pose a potential danger.

With the right chimney maintenance however, you can rest easy while keeping your home warm and cozy. An annual inspection is an essential place to start.

Having a certified chimney sweep inspect the condition of your wood burning fireplace can give you peace of mind before those first chilly Colorado nights.

Chimney Maintenance | Inspection

What does a sweep look for during an inspection? Most chimney maintenance inspections are looking for overall functionality of the fireplace, structural integrity of the chimney, as well as creosote buildup and detecting cracks or voids in the flue tiles or piping.

Why is this important? When creosote is allowed to remain in between burning seasons this highly flammable material can ignite burning at a whopping 2000⁰F.

When this occurs you’ll sometimes hear loud cracking or popping noises often accompanied with an intense, hot smell.

In some cases it simply sounds like a low flying airplane or a freight train passing by.

The fire is so intense inside the flue it causes the flue tiles to crack, thus making voids where embers can escape to combustible parts of the home.

Be sure to use seasoned wood (cut 6 months to a year before use). This will minimize the creosote buildup during burning season.

To be honest, we only think about our chimneys when it’s cold outside. Don’t neglect your chimney have it inspected and swept if needed by a reputable company.

Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions stands behind our certified, well trained technicians to help keep you, your family, and your home safe during the fall and winter season.

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