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Chimney masonry repair aka tuckpointing, is sometimes necessary to fix broken or damaged mortar and bricks that have been compromised by weather and other factors.

There is nothing that is more beautiful in a home than a fireplace. It adds that extra touch of peace and relaxation that is so important at the end of a tiring day.

Many people have a fireplace for years and do not realize that, if not serviced, it can cause a fire or put harmful chemicals into the air. chimney masonry repair

That is why it is important to have your fireplace chimney checked by experts like Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions.

The majority of fireplace interiors are made of brick which is secured with mortar. Mortar consists of a mixture of sand and cements.

Over an extended time, the heat of the fireplace will cause the mortar to crumble and leave holes between the bricks. This presents a dangerous situation as heat and sparks could cause adjoining wooden areas of the house to catch fire.

Statistics show there are more than 25,000 chimney fires in the U.S. each year. This results in 125 million dollars in property damage.

When these fires have spread to other parts of houses, there have been a number of deaths and injuries. This makes it especially important to have a regular maintenance schedule on your fireplace chimney.

Many people do not realize that all masonry chimneys need repair or cleaning on a periodic basis. If, upon checking out your fireplace chimney, there are areas lacking mortar, it will be necessary to have chimney masonry repair done.

Tuckpointing requires a certified chimney sweep to remove damaged mortar and reset the bricks with a fresh batch.

Mortar erosion is caused by a number of things. These include age of the chimney, water, poor quality of the mortar and mortar drying out because of heat from the fire. Unfortunately, this problem is not visible to the naked eye.

Often a chimney can be damaged because there is no protection against rain. This rain severely contributes to mortar erosion. If this is not taken care of, the chimney can deteriorate to the point of collapse.

This can be avoided by have an experienced chimney company’s certified chimney sweep perform a chimney masonry repair.

Chimney Masonry Repair | Denver Metro

The benefits of having chimney masonry repair done is tremendous. These benefits include:

• Mortar joint corrosion is stopped.

• Prevents moisture from entering the adjoining structure, which can cause mildew, mold or rotting wood.

• Less expensive than having to completely replace the chimney.

• Chimney is restored to its original condition.

• Fear of fire or other damage removed.

The importance of having chimney professionals, such as Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions, do a periodic check cannot be over-emphasized.

Our highly trained professionals will check your fireplace and put your mind at ease. Sometimes nothing is needed but when there is a dangerous situation it can quickly be addressed. Chimney masonry repair is especially important in older fireplaces.

Ensuring a family’s safety is naturally foremost on a homeowner’s mind. Unfortunately, the idea of something wrong with a fireplace chimney is the last thing considered.

Taking care of this most neglected and undetected system in the household will eliminate the possibility of a chimney fire or the release of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Whether your fireplace is old or new, having a certified chimney sweep examine the chimney only takes a small amount of time and can save the possibility of an event that could have tragic results.

On occasion a new fireplace chimney has been found to have poor quality mortar used which must be tuckpointed to assure safety. This situation is only pinpointed when a proper chimney inspection is made.

When a fireplace chimney extends to the roof, that portion is subject to all kinds of weather. Rain, hot sun, hail and other elements which make them especially subject to mortar deterioration. This area of the fireplace may also require tuckpointing.

When your fireplace has been put in good condition by a Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions certified chimney sweep you can spend pleasant nights in front of the fire for many years to come.

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