Chimney Tuck Pointing

Are you considering chimney tuck pointing? You may feel like your chimney should last forever, but the fact is that it will deteriorate over time.

The bricks and mortar used to construct chimneys are continuously exposed to the harsh environmental elements of Colorado.

The structure can start to fail as harsh weather conditions, moisture, and UV rays take their toll.

chimney tuck pointing

You can expect the bricks on your chimney to last about 100 years, but the mortar is generally only good for 25 years.

Tuck pointing is the process of removing damaged mortar and replacing it with a fresh layer, and it can help you save a great deal of money by preventing serious property damage.

Preventive Maintenance

You may have heard the age-old saying that a “stitch in time saves nine.” While this may refer to fixing a tear in clothing while it’s still small, the same philosophy holds true with the mortar on your chimney.

Fixing a few areas that are weakening is far more affordable than having the entire surface reworked, and taking care of those weak areas early will help prevent damage to the surrounding mortar.

It’s all part of keeping your chimney waterproof so that you don’t wind up with water leaks or other serious problems.

Chimney Tuck Pointing | Basic Steps

We start the chimney tuck pointing process by grounding out the old mortar to achieve a uniform depth.

This is important for adhesion of the new mortar and to ensure that you receive durable work.The newly routed grooves are then filled with fresh mortar for the strongest bond.

chimney mortar work

Additional masonry procedures are then used to create a surface that is filled with fresh mortar that closely matches the original material.

Dangers of DIY

It’s never recommended for homeowners to do their own chimney work due to the inherent dangers involved with working on a sloped roof.

More importantly, you may not have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that the mortar is properly treated and installed.

Incorrect installation can lead to problems with rapid breakdown and water intrusion.

Another problem is just in the aesthetic appearance can be a real eye sore if done improperly. Many chimneys may also require elevated access that require scaffolding or tall ladders.

When considering all these factors, it is best to leave these masonry projects to the professionals.

Benefits of Hiring a Crew

When you hire the professionals to do this work, you can sit back and relax while we take care of the heavy lifting and tedious task of replacing the mortar.

We’ll finish the job in an efficient manner so that you won’t have to worry about damage.

Finally, we’re willing to stand behind our work. We’re confident that you won’t have any problems because we pay close attention to detail on every job, but we’ll be here to help if you do have issues or concerns.

Protect your home by having your chimney’s condition and overall structure checked every few years. If the mortar is wearing down, we’re happy to handle the tuck pointing to get it back in top condition.

It’s an easy way to prevent water leaks and structural problems both with your chimney and the surrounding structure. Call us today to schedule your appointment for a thorough inspection and consultation.