Mechanical engineers and contractors provide facility solutions.

Commercial contractors and projects often vary from consulting to constructing to servicing. Many older building involve an energy analysis that may require the replacement of an old boiler.

An important consideration of the heating systems usually involves the flue. International Fuel Gas Code concerns may come up when venting new boilers into the old masonry chimney flues.

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Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions has years of experience working with engineers and municipalities to ensure flue code compliance. RMCS has been contracted by top engineering firms like US Engineering to provide flue solutions with projects with clients like Denver Public Schools.

RMCS has an effective alternative to traditional steel liner solutions using Thermocrete ceramic flue sealant (CFS).

Thermocrete typically can be applied in a single day process that keeps projects on time and on budget. The Thermocrete solution is an approved by most municipalities as a solution to ensure IFGC compliance. Including these sections:

Section 503.5.3 Masonry Chimneys.

“Masonry chimneys shall be built and installed in accordance with NFPA 211 and shall be lined with approved clay flue lining, a listed chimney lining system or other approved material that will resist corrosion, erosion, softening or cracking from vent gases at temperatures up to 1,800°F (982°C).”

503.5.6.3 Unsafe chimneys.

“Where inspection reveals that an existing chimney is not safe for the intended application, it shall be repaired, rebuilt, lined, relined or replaced with a vent or chimney to conform to NFPA 211 and it shall be suitable for the appliances to be vented.”

503.5.6 Inspection of chimneys.

“Before replacing an existing appliance or connecting a vent connector to a chimney, the chimney passageway shall be examined to ascertain that it is clear and free of obstructions and it shall be cleaned if previously used for venting solid or liquid fuel-burning appliances or fireplaces.”

To learn more about Thermocrete contact us or review the data sheets below.

Thermocrete Material Information

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Material Safety Sheet (PDF)

Examples of Municipality Approvals

City and County of Denver (PDF)

City of Vail (PDF)

City of Los Angeles (PDF)