Converting to Natural Gas

Thinking of converting to natural gas?

Converting to a natural gas fireplace can be an easy and affordable home improvement option.

Gas fireplaces provide the convenience of having a home heating fire with the flip of a switch. You also avoid the hassle of firewood and messy ash clean out.

Gas fireplaces are very energy efficient and available in a variety of styles and price points.

You have several options:

– A gas log fireplace kit
– A vent-free gas fireplace
– A gas fireplace insert
– A natural gas fire pit

None of the above involve structural changes, but you will find essential differences in aesthetics, energy efficiency, and effects on the atmosphere as part of your house.

Converting To Natural Gas | Hire The Pro’s

Having a gas line within eight feet is great, because basic installment costs commonly comprise hooking around a gas line.

A gas log kit (install coast vary) will provide you with the look of an open fire but not a great deal of heat.

The big disadvantage is that installers must lock the damper into a partially open position. That guards against someone lighting the fire and forgetting to open the port, which may flood your home with carbon monoxide.

Getting the damper open all of the time, naturally, means that you’re losing warmed or cooled atmosphere all of the time — not the alternative you are seeking.

To prevent this, you’d also need to install tight-fitting glass doors including truly air-tight doors.

Another alternative is a true gas fireplace insert. This alternative changes the look of a hearth, because you’re adding an insert, and it eliminates the possibility of having an open fire. But the appearance continues to be tidy, and also the result is that you could take pleasure in the fire without worries.

The glass doors are consistently shut as the fire chamber is sealed, with the exhaust air piped out along with all of the combustion atmosphere shrieked in.

This provides you good indoor atmosphere and energy efficiency, plus it allows one to leave the fire running so long as you would like.

Let Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions help you with your decision and the feasibility of converting your wood burning fireplace to natural gas.