Cracked Chimney Liner

Were you told you have a cracked chimney liner? This is a common occurrence in many homes throughout the Denver Metro and surrounding areas.

Terracotta or cinder block liners can be damaged from a number of reasons, so a cracked chimney liner is often discovered by a home inspector or chimney professional.
cracked chimney liner

Settling of the home, or chimney fires are the most frequent causes of cracking or damage.

When a flue liner is cracked it can no longer sustain the ability to vent properly or contain embers. Therefore, putting the home at greater risk of a house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cracked Chimney Liner | Considerations

Consider a stainless steel flue liner.When a new steel liner is put into place it essentially replaces the old liner thus making your fireplace vent like new again.

The process should be relatively painless for you the homeowner as well. The new flue liner will be dropped into the existing tile liner from the roof, provided there is room to allow proper venting.

In some cases the flue tiles will be removed to ensure the proper size liner can be installed. After the liner is set into place the smoke chamber should be parged.

A lightweight refractory mortar is applied inside smoke chamber to insure a continuous barrier that leads directly to the liner from the firebox sealing all voids. If any voids remain the risk of a chimney fire will be ever present.

Many stainless steel flue liners are sold with a lifetime warranty. Be sure to read the fine print, to keep the warranty in effect most manufactures will require a yearly inspection be done on the system.

Why a Stainless Steel Flue Liner May Not Be an Option?

If the venting will be adversely affected by a stainless steel liner by shrinking the flue, a professional may suggest a spray on ceramic liner such as Thermocrete.

Contractors use this product on masonry chimneys such as furnace flues, wood burning fireplaces and historical homes. Thermocrete is quite effective for gas fireplaces and gas log sets as well.

With the consistency of wet concrete this material is sprayed 360 degrees inside the flue.

The material hardens to form a continuous liner without affecting the drawing capabilities of the current flue system. This product will also strengthen the structural integrity of your chimney, thus, essentially making the chimney stronger from the inside out.

Not many people realize their home owners insurance may cover the cost of a cracked chimney liner.

It’s always a good idea to have a professional inspect your chimney for safety annually to insure the flue liner is in tip-top shape and ready for the burning season.

For more information on Thermocrete and/or the application process of stainless steel liners contact Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions at 303-946-9990 and ask for Amanda.

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