Home Inspectors

Home Inspectors |Assisting Home Buyers to Make an Informed Decision

Home inspectors have a lot of details to cover with each home inspection they complete. Major home purchase decisions are often based on your reports and inspection findings. When there is a fireplace and chimney involved there can be some serious safety concerns.

Many of these safety concerns are in areas of the chimney like the flue that are not part of inspection requirements.

When there are concerns it is important to mention to the your clients that a certified chimney technician should complete a more detailed National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)-style inspection.

Home Inspectors | We Routinely Complete These Services as Part of Our Complementary Inspections:

  • Perform a Level I fireplace and chimney inspection.
  • Inspect the flue or vent system.
  • Inspect the interior of chimneys or flues, fire doors or screens, seals or gaskets, or mantels.
  • Determine the need for a chimney sweep

Other Services Available Through RMCS or Our Parent Company:

  • Determine the adequacy of drafts or draft characteristics.
  • Move fireplace inserts, stoves or firebox contents (as part of cleaning)
  • Perform a smoke test.
  • Operate gas fireplace inserts.
  • Light pilot flames.