Will Homeowners Insurance Cover My Chimney Repairs?

Will homeowners insurance cover your chimney repairs?
Most of today’s factory manufactured homes and contractor constructed homes feature a beautiful fireplace in the living or family room.

Sometimes, over time, these fireplaces can build up excessive creosote deposits, have structural damage or other problems that can cause a chimney fire. At Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions, we are prepared to give you a free inspection and advise you regarding the condition of your chimney.

Homeowners Insurance | What is Covered?

Most people who enjoy these homes have homeowner’s insurance. Many do not understand that chimney repairs are not covered by this insurance. Exceptions to this rule are:

• Lightening strikes the part of the chimney above the house.

• A chimney fire that causes damage.

• A tree hits the house and the chimney.

Homeowner insurance companies base their coverage on ‘events’. They do not cover what they consider wear and tear. However, if a chimney fire results in broken flue tiles or liners that have been damaged by heat transfer, it may be covered. homeowners insurance

The majority of homeowner insurance companies will pay a legitimate claim with no argument. The basis of all claims regarding fireplaces and chimneys comes back to that magical word ‘event’.

The insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect the chimney and, if the claim is approved, you can choose your own contractor.

A chimney fire can warp stainless steel liners, cause vertical cracks in flue tile and cause damage to the walls surrounding the fireplace.

Many times it is our professional chimney sweep who discovers that a chimney has been damaged by lightening or a slow burning chimney fire. This is a dangerous situation and wood burning must cease immediately. This is referred to as a “sudden occurrence” in the insurance industry.

Filing an insurance claim for this problem can sometimes be problematic. If there is a roaring fire, naturally the fire department is called and there is no question regarding an insurance claim.

This makes it essential, when our chimney sweep sees a fire has occurred, that he make a careful record of the date, problem and other pertinent information, which the homeowner can present to the insurance company.

Homeowners Insurance | Know The Facts

It is our chimney professional’s job to review the facts and present necessary documentation. When there is a legitimate insurance claim we, at Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions, will be happy to meet with an insurance agent to work on the insurance claim and provide an estimate on the repairs needed to assure the fireplace is once again safe.

Having your chimney properly inspected, cleaned and repaired, on a regular basis, means taking care of fireplace dangers before they occur. This includes things such as masonry repair, chimney cover replacement, damper repair, replacement of tiles or liners, removal of excessive creosote and other fireplace difficulties.

Having this maintenance on a schedule will help you avoid disasters that can be caused by such things as a chimney fire.

Homeowner insurance will not pay for chimney repairs and provisions for storm damage must be clearly stated in the policy. This makes it important not to wait for a flood or earthquake before carefully reading your homeowner’s policy.

A fireplace fire is not confined to a particular time of day. It can occur in the middle of the night or when you are absent from your home. Federal statistics show a number of deaths that have occurred from this type of fire.

At Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions, our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep technician can inspect your chimney and advise you what needs to be done to eliminate any problem that might be present.

Give us a call at 303-946-9990 and we will be happy to discuss our free inspection, service and reasonable prices.

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