Insurance Claims

Insurance claims for homeowners. Often a professional chimney sweep is retained by insurance companies to inspect a chimney after a chimney fire occurrence in order to assist with the filing of a claim.

RMCS has had the opportunity to be a successful part of many chimney fire insurance claim filings. We have also done educational presentations to various insurance organizations like the Rocky Mountain Property Claims Association (RMPCA).

Chimney fires and the resulting thermal shock (temperatures can reach over 2,000° F) to the masonry materials can cause thousands of dollars in damage as flue liners typically require replacement.

Insurance Claims | Chimney Fires

These chimney fires usually leave evidence behind typically in the common form of pyrolized creosote (light, fragile and fluffy creosote) and vertical tile cracks. Documenting and reporting this evidence is an important part of filing an insurance claim and assisting claim representatives.

The insurance company will in most cases exercise its right to investigate and evaluate a claimed loss due to a chimney fire. They usually are attempting to rule out that the chimney flue damage was not caused by some other means than a catastrophic event (like settling or normal deterioration). This may put the homeowner in the position of providing substantiating evidence that the damage was caused by a chimney fire.

While a claim rejection is a possibility, documentation by a chimney professional of the clear evidence that a chimney fire has caused the damage increases the likelihood of a favorable settlement.

Details, evidence and documentation are a very important part of any claim.

When done correctly this documentation can turn a costly chimney repair into a successful insurance claim.

Call RMCS and let our technicians help you with the details needed to file your chimney fire insurance claim.