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Real estate agents, a fireplace can be a very important consideration for home buyers in Colorado. The impact of a fireplace can be an important design element or just a cozy focal point of a room.

Don’t under estimate or overlook the importance of a fireplace in a home buyer’s decision process. In fact a study completed by the National Association of Realtors reported that nearly a quarter of home buyers rated a home having one or more fireplaces as “very important” in their decision process.

The fireplace and chimney can also become a safety and cost concern. It is common place that sellers may not have any records or recollection of the last time a chimney was inspected or cleaned.

The traditional home inspections will often catch obvious chimney concerns but usually don’t include levels of detail that may detect hidden areas of chimney damage. Home inspectors do not include these items as part of their inspections:

  • Perform a Level I fireplace and chimney inspection.
  • Inspect the flue or vent system.
  • Inspect the interior of chimneys or flues, fire doors or screens, seals or gaskets, or mantels.
  • Determine the need for a chimney sweep.
  • Determine the adequacy of drafts or draft characteristics.
  • Move fireplace inserts, stoves or firebox contents (as part of cleaning)
  • Perform a smoke test.
  • Operate gas fireplace inserts.
  • Light pilot flames.

Count on Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions to assist your clients from being surprised by a chimney condition that may require a costly repair or a level of severity that may render the fireplace unusable. Count on RMCS as another tool in your client service arsenal and another way to stand out from the competition.

Real Estate Agents | Realtor Partner Program

Call us to learn more about our Realtor Partner Program. We have helped many of our Realtor partners get a complementary inspection completed as part of a real estate transaction. We are also pleased to offer our affordable “Priority Scheduling Program” if you have an urgent need for a timely chimney inspection. Inspections before a closing can catch minor concerns or expensive chimney repairs that may be missed by a traditional home inspection.

How about a Chimney sweeping as a differentiating Thank you for your clients?

Give your clients another reason to remember you and call you back for future needs. Offer a chimney sweep as a small thank you to your buyers. As another part of our Realtor Partner Program, Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions is pleased to offer a special low chimney sweep price package. Call us to learn more about this unique thank you service can become part of your success strategy.