Wood Stove Installation | Denver Metro

If you want a wood stove installation in Denver and have a masonry fireplace, it is possible to vent a free standing or wood burning insert model using your fireplace chimney.

This is an economical and sensible way to make use of an existing chimney rather than having to install a standard stove chimney.

At Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions we work in the Denver Metro area and surrounding mountain communities to assure that your wood burning stove is properly installed according to state and federal regulations.

We provide fast and proper wood stove installation, which will make sure you will receive the comfort of heat at an economical and sensible price. wood stove installation

After inspection by one of our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps, you will be advised regarding changes that must be made to properly install your wood stove so that you will receive the most indoor heat available. There is no charge for this initial inspection.

Denver Wood Stove Installation | Two Types

There are two different types of wood stove installation with a fireplace. These are fireplace inserts and free standing stoves. When properly installed, there will be direct heat into the room.

However, connecting a wood stove to a fireplace chimney will be a waste of heat and money, if it is not properly done. More heat will be going up the chimney, in a chimney draft, rather than into the room.

Freestanding stoves and fireplace inserts require the knowledge and skills of a company that has certification to do the job efficiently. We are proud to meet these requirements and make sure that you receive the maximum output from your wood stove.

For example: National codes and standards have specific requirements that the connector pipe extend from the stove outlet, or insert, up to the first flue tile of the chimney.

These regulations are designed to assure safety for a home’s residents as well as preserve heat. Our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps are fully aware of these regulations and are able to properly complete a safe wood stove installation.

It is important that a wood stove be properly installed to efficiently heat the room rather than lose it through an improperly vented chimney.

This is especially true if a fireplace is being used as an exit for the smoke. Fireplace chimneys are constructed of masonry which may need repairs prior to installing a wood stove.

Wood Stove Installation Denver | Liners

Whether a free standing stove, or a fireplace insert, it is recommended that a stainless steel liner be installed from the stove to the top of the chimney. A stainless steel liner is the most economical type of chimney insulation. They are available in a variety grades and sizes and in single wall or smooth wall.

When sized correctly, the liner is the same diameter as the stovepipe and reduces the loss of heat that occurs if the stove pipe is just placed in an open chimney.

This is an excellent choice that will assure a constant and even heat from your stove. It also extends the life of the chimney by protecting it from acid-based smoke condensation and heat deterioration.

Prior to this type of wood stove installation it is important that the chimney be cleaned of any creosote buildup and repairs be made to loose bricks and missing mortar. This will make sure that nothing will interfere with the installation and operation of your wood stove. Our CSIA Chimney Sweep will advise you if these types of repairs are needed.

Wood stove installation produces radiant heat, which warm an area more quickly that that given off by other methods of heating. Wood is also is much less expensive than oil, gas or electricity.

If you are thinking of installing a wood stove and have a fireplace, at Rocky Mountain Chimney Solutions we will be happy to look at your situation and advise the best options available.

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